A video shot by Bob Diaz


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Photos taken by our members

2010 Pictuers by John Totten

John Totton's San Jaoquin Depot

(Photo by S. Schifer)

John's train at Barracho Springs Wash

John's train at Davis

John's train at Echo

John's train at Mount Elwood

John's train at North Tower (built by John)

John's train norhtbound at Monolith

John's train southtbound at Monolith

San Jaoquin Deopt (built by John Totten)

Scott Schifer with SP author Joe Strapac

Industrial Belmomnt 1

Industrial Belmomnt 2

Industrial Belmomnt 3

Industrial Belmomnt 4

Industrial Belmomnt 5

Industrial Belmomnt 6

Industrial Belmomnt 7

Industrial Belmomnt 8

Industrial Belmomnt 9

John's SP Power at Woodford/a>

John's beet train on the loop>


2010 Pictuers by Scott Schifer

Our VP of Operations hard at work!

Dan and Chuck at the 2010 RPM Meet

Chuck's and Scott's Models at the 2010 RPM Meet.


2010 Pictuers by David Sheehan

Dan F's Pennsy Train

California Zephyr meets D&RGW #5302

Larry Lane's Old Time #605

David's DRGW 5302 on bridge

David's DRGW 5302 in Davis

Old meets Really Old

SP on the run

SP Tunnel Motors

Tony Cz's SP Reefers

UP Cement Train at Edwards

This bad boy needs a bath!

Shinkansen on Tehachapi Loop. Where else?

Shinkansen at Mt. Elwood

Shinkansen waiting behind the old roundhouse

2007 WPM Meet Photos by Scott Schifer

Western Prototype Modelers Meet 2007

Dan Kamakubo's F units

Dan Kamakubo's WP caboose

Scott Schifer's ATSF Mikado

Robert at play

Chuck at work

Joe, Wayne, and Dan admiring


Photos by Flash Blackman

Barracho Creek

Black Widow Geeps

Echo Crossing

Black Widows at Barracho

Bridges at Mt. Elwood

Black Widows at Davis COOP

Barracho Creek 2

Town of Barracho

Mt. Elwood

Mears Jct

Monolith Bridge

Echo Curve Bridge